jsday 2021 Speaker Information

jsday 2021 is an international conference and all sessions will be in English, please consider that when submitting your proposals.

Are you planning to submit multiple proposals? That's great! But please choose what you think are the best 3 options, and make sure the abstract goes straight to the point :)

🤩 Why you should propose a talk:

  • test yourself on topics you know well;
  • learn something new while preparing your presentation;
  • make yourself known in the community;
  • learn new things by attending the conference and draw inspiration!

📦 What we offer to selected speakers:

  • conference ticket;
  • access to all of our 2021 digital conferences;
  • free bronze sponsorship for your company (or same amount discount if you upgrade to an higher sponsorship level).

🔎 How the conference works:

You can decide whether to present your talk live or to record it in advance. In any case, we will offer you all the technical support you will need!
Each session includes a short live introduction, your presentation (30 or 45 minutes), the Q&A (about 15 minutes). The conference will be accessible only to registered (paid) attendees and will be held on a platform that integrates:

  • the (virtual) stage, with the live video streaming;
  • public and private chat and video-conference rooms;
  • expo spaces for sponsors and partners.

We've run several digital events and proved that they can be very engaging, people have been interacting actively and making connections. We don't want the virtual conference to just be a flow of content that people watch passively. We want to create a good user experience, obviously different from an in-person event, but likewise engaging, inclusive, and interactive.